15:21 EET

Blah. Work, work, work. The bosses just won't get off my back!
Frankly, I'm getting a bit pissed off here. It's not my fault the client was a month late with material deliveries, is it? I'm really losng my nerves over them asking me "any progress?" every 10 minutes. None of my ideas are acceptable, and creativity is apparently a dirty word around here.
*Sigh* How nice it would be just to quit and get a better job. Unfortunately that is not possible with my sub-par skills, education and experience. So it looks like I'm stuck. The lousy pay is after all better than what I deserve for creating simple graphics and noding.

It's not just office troubles - I've been feeling edgy and irritated all week. No idea where it came from, either. Fortunately the weekend is shortly closing in, and my mood is always lifted like a helium balloon when friday arrives. Unless the +30c weather comes back. Autumn is delightfully close already, though.

I visited a few stores today shopping for new drawing equipment. I haven't drawn much since last winter, but I suddenly got an urge for it. Being an impulsive person cost me some 70FIM, but one can never have too many free time activities..

Btw, welcome back Booyaa!
And a happy birthday to Herbman!

Wait, wait.. I still have some exclamation points left..

Congratulations to norev for achieving level 2!
Just don't get an unhealthy fixation to XP.. although we all do at some point. :)

01:22 EET
the next day

And I thought 256MB is enough RAM..
I feared my hard disks would vaporize for all the swap made by rendering an A3-sized Arabuusimiehet poster. It took 47min for 2 simple objects with no refraction nor shadows being calculated! But the result should be worth it.

Damn. Just when I started getting into drawing after a while, I noticed my colored pencils are missing. Completely. They are nowhere to be found after turning the room around.. Oh well, better luck tomorrow.

Track of the day:  Cari Lekebusch - Quick Silver

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