Below are two of the dreams that I have had over the years. I cannot remember the dates.

Dream One: I am in the living room of my parent's house. There is a real doctor handing me a stick. Tied to the end of the stick is a string, and stuck to the end of the string is a big piece of wax. The doctor intstructs me to fling the wax towards a nearby window. After I do this, he asks me what has happened. I give him different answers to the question, but each time I answer, he tells me that I am dreadfully wrong. So finally I say, "The wax stuck to the glass." And the doctor jumps up in excitement, clapping his hands and declaring, "Yes! Yes! You are right!" He has the strange foreign accent of Dr. Ruth, to make things even more scary.

Dream Two: I am in a large, king sized bed. The room is pitch black, so dark that I cannot see my hand in front of my face. I feel like in this dream I am about eight years old. And even though the room is pitch black, I know that there are wild animals running around the bed. There is a kangaroo, a monkey, and lots of strange rainforest sounds. To the right of the bed, a huge alarm clock with glowing red letters reads "5:59". And when the red letters change to "6:00", they trigger the alarm. But just as the buzzer starts to go off, a large bullfrog on my chest bites my nipple until it hurts... and I wake up. After waking up I realize that (1) it was just a dream; (2) frogs don't have teeth to bite me with; and (3) to my discomfort, the exact nipple that was bitten in the dream actually hurts right now, in my awakened state! How bizarre.