My first year at college, my friends and I invented frisbee baseball. The game is set up with nine players on both sides, same configurations, same rules as softball. The pitcher throws the frisbee across home plate. The strike zone is roughly - very roughly - the same as softball - with strikes and balls. Because the strike zone was larger, fewer walks were allowed. The batter has to catch the frisbee and throw it back out. If the batter "tips" the frisbee, the rules regarding foul balls apply. Having caught the frisbee, the batter then throws the frisbee out into the field and takes off running. Fielders, both in and out, try and catch the frisbee and throw it to the base which the batter is coming up to so that baseman can tag the batter out. There are no pop-flies, except fouls committed by the batter, which can be caught by the catcher, or any other in-fielder for an out. A cut-throat rule was that if the frisbee was thrown at the batter and hit the batter, the batter was out. Therefore the batter had to watch out for incoming frisbees.