It’s yet another steamy and humid day here in the heartland and to top it off it’s slower than shit here at work. In order to try and relieve some of the boredom that has set in I decided to surf on over to Fox News to get their "fair and balanced" perspective on the world and the events as they transpire. I was meandering down to the opinions section when something called The Most Vile Cocktail Shooters Ever caught my eye. Being somewhat an adventurer when it comes to the world of alcohol I decided to take a peek at what the article had to offer.

After scrolling through a few of them my eyes were drawn to one that is called “The Liquid Steak”. I found this especially intriguing since I’m an avid carnivore and thought to myself what a wonderful thing it would be to kill two birds with one stone. An alcoholic beverage and a meal all in one glass? No way! This sounded too good to be true.

So, for those of you who share my passion for experimentation and exploration when it comes to imbibing alcohol, I present to you the fixings for “The Liquid Steak”.


2 ounces rum – apparently "well" rum works just as well as the fancy shmancy kind and the article advises to avoid any rum of the spiced variety.

2 ounces Worcestershire sauce

That it! Simple as pie! Doesn’t sound so “vile” does it?

I’ve yet to give it a try and after reading the review I’m left to think “How horrible can this be?

Well, as I said, since I’m at work and drinking is generally frowned upon during office hours I (and you) are just gonna have to wait for my own personal review of “The Liquid Steak”. I’m not exactly expecting the flavor to resemble kobe beef or anything like that but I’m curious as to the outcome.

Another side bonus of this little escapade is that I never made it back to the opinion page on Fox News. I decided to write this instead.

If anybody out there has their own experience in ingesting The Liquid Steak please /msg me and I’ll be happy to add your comments to this write up.

Bottoms Up!