"This idea that we were all unified on 9/11 is just bunk. I don't believe it for a moment. I think that when 9/11 happened, a lot of kooks on the left said, 'A-ha! This is how we're going to get Bush.

Rush Limbaugh – from his talk show on September 12, 2006

Seriously, I don’t know why I visit Rush’s site. The venom and the vitriol spewed there make my skin crawl and makes me ashamed that I bother to read it or take it seriously. But then again, given its popularity amongst his listeners, he must have something constructive to say.

I guess it’s like a tooth ache, you know it’s there already but you feel the need to confirm it by rubbing your tongue against it. It’s almost involuntary.

Today, he had an image of Bill Clinton’s face superimposed next to that of the image of the World Trade Centers as the second plane crashed into them and ensuing the fireball is spit out.

If you look closely enough, you can see the debris falling down as the flames and smoke belch from the building. Inside that debris I’m sure there are human remains and fragments of people in the form of severed arms, legs, and heads from both the passengers who were aboard the flight and those that were trapped inside the building when the planes hit.

Thank God the cameras are too far away to capture those images.

It still causes me to shudder and my eyes well up with tears when I think about those people on the planes who just knew they were going to die. What were their final thoughts like? We’re they scared or were the resigned to the fact that they’d never see the sunlight or hold their loved ones again? They’d never feel another drop of rain or watch snowflakes fall from the clouds. They’d never hear the sound of laughter, taste the saltiness of tears or feel the touch of another human being again.

Just like in some science fiction movie, they were about to be vaporized.

And what of those who were trapped inside the building and couldn’t get out? How do you steel yourself to leap to your death when you have no other choice other than to be burned alive?

And what of those who were at home watching the carnage that had loved ones aboard the planes or in the buildings? What do you suppose they we’re thinking?

I worked in the financial district on Wall Street for many years and have been inside the World Trade Centers on more occasions that I care to count. I watched the scene unfold from the relative safety of Columbus, Ohio and thought to myself that the death toll would be much, much higher.

Thank God I was wrong.

That’s what this kook from the left was thinking at the time.

That and wondering how and why this could happen to innocent people?

That’s what this kook from the left is still thinking.

And wondering

Shame on you Mr. Limbaugh.

Shame on you.