Hi everybody! I hope you’re doing good. I just got back after being at camp for two weeks. We went horseback riding, canoeing and swimming and did lots of other cool things. I missed my mom and dad after awhile and it was nice to get back home! School starts in about three weeks and I can’t wait to start the fourth grade.

I wrote two poems on Saturday. I hope you like them…


Old times, new times,
good times, bad times,
times that are magical,
and times that are just plain bad

Funny times, serious times,
hectic times, comfortable times,
there are more times,
than you can imagine

As many different times as there are,
there are no times like this.

Do Ya?

Do ya ever feel like
throwing off your shoes
and dancing
to the craziest beat?

Do ya ever feel like
running for thousands of miles
and never stopping
to take a rest?

Do ya ever feel like
hugging your enemy?

I have
It feels good.


Words courtesy of borgette, assorted links and some spelling help, courtesy of yours truly