Hi everybody! I hope you’re doing good!. My Interest Fair went ok but I didn’t get first place for my exhibit on the History of Coffee. Mostly I got three’s and fours and the winner got all fours. I was a little disappointed but I’ll do better next year.

Last night my dad was listening to John Lennon and the song “Give Peace a Chance” came on and I got to thinking about traveling in time to when there are no wars. I wrote a poem about it called “The Time Traveler”. I hope you like it!

The Time Traveler

There is a time traveler that lives somewhere
And it’s not a he and it’s not a she
There is a time traveler that lives someplace
And sometimes I think that maybe it’s me

The time traveler can go from place to place
And it doesn’t need any kind of machine
The time traveler can leap from year to year
And it might be large and it might be lean

It might be here and it might be there
And is always watching to make the peace
All it wants is for things to be right
It’s a blanket of comfort made from fleece

The time traveler cannot be seen by me or by you
It is only something that lives in our hearts
We all have the power to travel too
We always have, from the very start


/me says Standard disclaimers apply

On a side note, if I ever start getting down on myself and my writing tends to get a bit too depressing or too introspective, I need you guys to do me a favor. Just point me back in her direction will ya? Sometimes I need a gentle reminder to get my priorities straightened out.

Thanks and love, Bob & Anna