Foreign lands

I woke up and found myself in an airport in a foreign country. From the ethnicity of the people and the signs all over the airport I could narrow it down to China or Japan. I jumped on a bus that was heading out. I turned behind to talk to a couple and asked "Japan?" At first the woman looked at her partner then started speaking. From the body language I could work out she didn't know what I meant. Then she paused and realised what I asked, she shook her head and said, "China"

I shook my head and rewarded the couple with a smile. The journey didn't seem to take too long because we had already arrived in the city. For some reason I felt that this place was Hong Kong instinctively. I made my way to shop to find someone who might speak English. There were two shop assistants one at a till and another waiting to attend customers. I asked the shop assistant on the till could I catch an international flight from the airport. She asked me where I was going and I said the "UK" after which she replied that the airport no longer flew international flights. She continued to say that I would have to in fact return back to the airport I had came from.

After speaking to her for a while I realised that she was a Filipino so then we started speaking about her family. Apparently one of her cousins would be coming over to visit her. What I thought was strange was that her cousin had the same name as my cousin family nick name "Chinky". Now I tried to ask her more question about her cousin, I thought that we might be related.

The shop assistant became suspicious and started to clam up. The other assistant came over and tried to reassure her that I was okay. For some reason this meant I had to give her a kiss on the cheek. Before I left I gave them both kisses on their cheeks and the shop assistant on the till still looked at me with distrustful eyes.

I made why way to McDonald's which was a sight for sore eyes in a foreign country. As I walked inside I noticed a group of punks, at which point I'd like to point out their were of Caucasian descent (again think where I am). They looked at me for a second then looked away. I think the one with the fluorescent pink mohekhan(sp?) was the leader. I heard a noise from outside of the restaurant and turned around. There were more punks head butting the windows.