How the Pixies where formed (the short version)

Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson (AKA Black Francis) was faced with the decision of either going to New Zealand to see Haley’s Comet or to start a rock band. He chose to start a band. He flew back his hometown of Boston and convinced his ex-roommate, guitarist Joey Santiago, to drop out of college and start a band. It took two weeks of convincing.

They put a want ad, looking for a bassist, in a local music rag. They got just one reply, from Kim Deal (aka Mrs. John Murphy). Kim relocated from Dayton, Ohio to Boston, her husband’s hometown. Kim came to the audition with out a bass of all things! She told Joey and Charles that her sister in Ohio had one but she did not have the money to have it sent. Charles lent her $50 to have the bass sent to Boston.

The Pixies’ original drummer was fired and they ask David Lovering to join the band per Kim Deal’s request. Kim met David during her wedding reception.

The rest, as they say, is history.