It snowed down here in Richmond, Virginia, so I was out of school 3 days longer than I should have been, and I skipped the day we were supposed to go back. I've just been sitting around the house deppressed bacause my mother has been driving me nuts, and she's been at work while my brother, sister and I have been home.

First, I told her that I was going job hunting and that I wanted to work at this store called Spencer's in the mall. She says, "No, I don't want you working there. They sell inappropriate things there.' So, of course I get pissed about that, beacuase I know that I've heard and seen way more inappropriate things than the stuff that they sell at Spencer's.

Then, I ask her if I could go to my boyfriend's house for Valentine's Day, and she give me this whole crappy story about how his uncle just died (my boyfriend's family hated him and my mother knows that), and how we'll have to "see." Now, Valentine's day is 2 weeks away, the funeral is tomorrow, I believe that that's enough time for a family who hated the person who died to grieve. Besides, my boyfriend said that I could come over already.

All of that happened last night, today her "friend," (who is a guy) that she cheated with on my father, is here and they're doing their taxes together. As soon as she mentioned his name I have an atitude. She's now wondering why I don't want to eat any of the chinese she just bought, and he gave this whole story about how he wouldn't eat if I didn't. So, I said, "Well, I guess you won't be eating." Of course he's in there lapping up some shrimp fried rice and I'm in my room writing a node without any food. I hate his guts!. I hate his guts even more today because I started my period and I'm in excruciating pain. I feel like crawling into a small closet and crying, if only I had one.