The accepted and expected way of behaving while attending the Wheatland Music Festival. It is an unwritten code of behavior pertaining to the Wheatland Festival weekend. For all practical purposes the doctrine is as follows:

Judge Not, Lest you be Judged
At Wheatland, anything goes regarding lifestyle choices. If it is your way to smoke a little pot, drink heavy amounts of liquor, and find a willing member of the opposite sex to do a tent dance with, then by all means, enjoy. If it is your way to quietly watch the music with a lemonade and a salty pretzel, walk back to your camper and go to sleep early in order to wake up on time to find a good seat for the Sunday morning hymn sing, then by all means, enjoy.

Respect Others, Have Fun
These two go together for good reason. While each could successfully stand alone, their marriage initiates a feel- good approach to other’s and your own fun. Wheatland is supposed to be a hedonistic adventure. It is imperative to the Wheatland experience that you reach out for whatever it is that brings you pleasure, and you pull it in and integrate it into yourself for a whole 3 days. However, taken on it's own the hedonism could infringe on other’s fun and comfort. To avoid this, we have invited respect to come in and quietly observe, stand up when necessary, and to permeate the whole event with her presence. Her invitation is crucial to enjoyment for all.

Very simply, share what you have brought to the event. By exuding phenomenal graciousness we avoid the sting of jealousy, resentfulness, longing, and theft. Get out of your seat and allow the grandma's and grandpa's of Wheatland to have a comfy spot. Pass your joint to strangers. Give the children your hat, a soda, a smile. When on Saturday you are preparing your Mint Julep's for those in your party, allow others to watch and learn, and bring enough glasses to make a Julep for any who might take interest. Bring a box of Cuban Cigars for those who may want them. Bring enough cigarettes, booze, water, beef jerky, warm clothing, soda, beer, etc. to share. I'm a capitalist pig by nature, but this weekend of communal living gives me an energy that is unmatched by any business deal I have ever considered.

Self Explanatory.

That, is the Wheatland Way.