A bluegrass festival held in Remus, Michigan. Wheatland is put on by the Wheatland Music Organization, a non-profit organization devoted to the festival itself. Throughout the year the WMO stages other venues showcasing bluegrass music and art education. Approximately 10,000 to 15,000 people attend each year.

The true appeal of Wheatland resides not in the music itself but rather in the attitude or vibe of the entire three-day event. The attendees range from hardcore bluegrass fans to bikers to hippies (young and old) to the weekend warriors fresh out of their three pieces and into khaki shorts and a case of Coors. The mantra of the weekend, "Happy Wheatland," is heard hundreds of times by anyone in attendance. Another phrase quite loved, "The Wheatland Way," is by all accounts a fine doctrine for all to live by.

Tickets typically go on sale early April, and can be ordered at http://wheatlandmusic.org. Also available at the site are directions to the festival and festival merchandise.

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