All the wombles choose their name from an atlas in Great Uncle Bulgaria's study.

In the first series they were

  • Great Uncle Bulgaria, the leader of the pack. He is generally seen wrapped in a tartan shawl.
  • Tobermory who ran the work shop, creating things from the rubbish the other wombles brought back.
  • Madame Cholet who cooked and mothered the other wombles. She specialised in elm-bark pies with acorn topping.
  • Bungo was the head strong womble, like a typical teenager.
  • Orinoco was the lazy womble, who often requested "forty winks" before doing anything.
  • Tomsk was the "jock" womble, always working out.
  • Wellington was the smallest womble, shy but filled with ideas.

and the 90s series introduced

  • Alderney who didn't live in the burrow, but instead in a tree house and looked after the lake on the Common. The press called her 'Girl Power Womble'.
  • Stepney was a cockney barrow boy on an exchange visit from the Thames burrow.
  • Shansi was of Chinese descent.
  • Obidos came from Rio de Janeiro burrow and had great travel experience of other burrows.

3 videos are available, titled "The Wombles - Camping And Cloudberries And Other Stories", "The Wombles - Deep Space Wombles And Other Stories" and "The Wombles - Orinoco The Magnificent And Other Stories"