I just got "blessed" with almost twice my normal voting numbers. I was quietly minding my own business, voting ot disparate subjects, and actually being nice (I'm in a good mood tonight) to everything except song lyrics. I still can't stand that stuff unless it's extremely intelligently written and pipe linked. Sorry about that if it's important to you.

Anyway, I keep an eye on how many votes I have left, and see it creeping down until it says "You have 1 vote left today". With a sense of contentment I go to the latest write-up of the latest person to cool one of my write-ups, read it, and because it is great, decide to give it an up vote.

I cannot describe the sense of surprise I got as I pressed the "vote" button, waited for the screen to refresh and read "You have 19 votes left today."

Desperate to get rid of this new lot of unwanted goodness I go to today's day log, and there's nothing there! Am i the last man on earth? The mind boggles...

Update: Don't node when drunk. I really mean that, don't. Having sobered up this morning I realized exactly what happened. The server time just passed midnight as I was voting, and subsequently my vote count was reset. And of course there were no write-ups in the day log. I could ask to get this write-up removed, but I'm leaving it as a reminder to myself and a warning to others:

Don't node when drunk