Legendary Full Suspension Mountain Bike. Boasting an adjustable wheelbase, nine inches of rear wheel travel and a monocoque frame a complete bike build will cost the verage punter upwards of several thousand pounds.

The M1 is manufactured by the company Intense who specialise in expensive full suspension bike frames. It is a legendary design and regarded by many as the ultimate downhill mountainbike. It uses a Horst Link on the chainstay that allows the suspension to move up and down independant of drivechain torque and along a verticle plane. This provides unrivalled perfomance, especially under braking where the rear end is not as wont to jacknife as a single pivot design would.

The bike is now available with the titanium 5th element rear shock that eliminates pedal induced bob to the extent that Intense scrapped their Virtual Pivot Point bike because it was too heavy in comparison and there were minimal performance gains to be had. However,Santa Cruz's V10 does use VPO technology and its introduction in the summer of 2002 will allow riders to make direct comparison between the two designs.

Alongside the Nico Voullious's V-Process bike and the Santa Cruz V10, the M1 is one of the finest bikes in the world.