An old puzzle game for the Macintosh that came out in about 1992. It had a heavy New Age theme, but the puzzles in it were quite good, and many were innovative. It kicks ass over the Smart Games series, at least.

I don't remember all the games, but a few were:

  • A pseudo-3D Jigsaw Puzzle, in which you needed to arrange 3-d shaped bitmaps on top of each other to make a certain image. It was tricky, because some of the 3D images were optical illusions which were impossible unless you thought of the pieces as simple bitmaps.
  • A mouse-driven puzzle, in which you had to control several cursors with one mouse, in order to move blocks around. Sometimes the cursor motion would be opposite the mouse motion, or worse.
  • Various figure ground puzzles.
  • Another mouse-driven puzzle, in which you used your mouse to influence a pendulum to swing around and touch various hotpoints.
  • A unique type of rummy card game with a new age flavor, i.e. match up the seasons on the cards for points, get bonus points if you match certain phenomena which could appear randomly on any card.
If you wanted to, you could also take the 'journey', which was a kind of challenge in which you had to solve 100 puzzles off all types and difficulty levels in the order in which they were given you.