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(Wednesday 7pm)

It's been a long week and it's only Wednesday night. Working late, running out of the office just in time to catch the train. Step in, sit down. 7pm. Press play. Heart still racing from the run into the station. Catch your breath, lean your head back, look around, soak it in.

      Intro (James Brown - Hot Pants) into...
  1. Strokes - Hard to Explain (Peel Sessions)
  2. Rolling Stones - Sway
  3. Hot Hot Heat - Bandages
      Henry Rollins - Jersey Rail (clip) into...
  4. Hot Snakes - Unlisted

Headphones on, it's almost cinematic. People all around you: almost a microcosm of the city. Close your eyes and listen. Some guy talking - you can't understand most of it. Woman on a cell phone. At the other end of the car a couple of younger guys. Stop filtering things out and take it all in. Cacophonous, symphonic.
  5. For Squirrels - Go On Up
  6. Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics
  7. Beastie Boys vs ACDC vs INXS (Soulwax Remix) - Intergalactic
Train stops and starts. Station names zoom by. The train snakes through the city.
      Dogma - Garden State (movie clip) into...
  8. Spoon - Stay Don't Go
  9. Clash - Guns of Brixton
10. Clinic - Walking with Thee
      Denis Leary - Subways (clip) into...
11. Interpol - PDA
Reach your stop, navigate your way out of the station. Get home, slow down. The day has been a blur; you have work again tomorrow. Check the messages, set the alarm and crash.
12. UNKLE feat Richard Ashcroft - Lonely Souls
13. Notwist - Solitaire
14. Prefuse 73 - 7th Message
15. DNTEL - (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan

Total Time: 60.00

Mixer's Note: I highly encourage you to check out this mix (See weeknight sound track for how to get a copy). Its mostly upbeat, flows pretty well, and has a lot of good artists that most people haven't heard of. I'll be the first admit that the way I put the node together is kind of dodgy, but I really feel the mix stands on its own, and that adding, like, fun train facts in between the songs would only water it down. If I think up something cool, I'll change the node up. In the meantime: If you don't like the train story - ignore it. It's made up. There isn't even a subway in Ohio, and who goes to sleep at 8pm? The point, really, is the mix. Again, I encourage you to give it a listen and I'd really like to hear what you think. It's got three flavors of rock, a little electronica, and a few clips keeping with the train/subway theme. Plus, if you like it, I have some other stuff I could recommend to you that you would probably like as well. Enjoy!

PS: If anyone can decipher all the lyrics to the For Squirrels song, I'd be really impressed and probably send you something cool.