As I Lay Dying is a Metalcore band from San Diego, California. The band was formed in 2000. They signed with Pluto Records and released their debut-album named Beneath the Encasing of Ashes in July 2001. In this season the band played Deathcore.
In 2003 they signed with Metal Blades Records and released their second album, Frail Words Collapse. At the same season they toured with famous bands like: Shadows Fall, Hinsa, The Black Dahlia Murder, among others.
Shadows Are Security, their third album, was released in June 2005. It was produced by the lead vocalist, Tim Lambesis, and the rhythm guitarist, Phil Sgrosso. The album was considered the best by the fans. With it they got a concert at second stage on Ozzfest 2005.
The fourth album, An Ocean Between Us, released in 2007, yielded them a nomination for Grammy 2008 with the song Nothing Left as the best metal live performance. An Ocean Between Us reached the fifth position in the Billboard. The following year they had the opportunity to shoot their first DVD and live album named, This Is Who We Are thought Metal Blade Records.
In 2010 was released, The Powerless Rise, another album widespread critical acclaim. Next year was released, Decas, an album commemorating 10 years of the band with covers song and remixes.
In 25, September 2012 the band released their seventh album named Awakened.

Current members

Tim Lambesis – lead vocals (since 2000)
Jordan Mancino – drums (since 2000)
Phil Sgrosso – rhythm guitar (since 2003)
Nick Hipa – lead guitar (since 2004)
Josh Gilbert – bass guitar, clean vocals (since 2007)

Former members

Clint Norris – bass guitar, clean vocals (2003–2006)
Evan White – lead guitar (2001–2003)
Tommy Garcia – lead guitar (2002–2003)
Jasun Krebs – rhythm guitar (2003)
Aaron Kennedy – bass guitar (2003)
Noah Chase – bass guitar (2001)

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