There is now a hint that the Pandas Strep is resistant to penicillin.

That would be, um, really bad.

Hopefully I'm wrong, wrong, wrong, but.... just in case, here's treatment clues.

(Quick, Batman, the bronchoscope! We need to type this strep now!)

PANDAS treatment:

1. Stop eating carbs. All of them. Don't eat any.

2. Use a "hat" or measuring cup that you can boil, to measure your urine output every 24 hours. You need to replace the fluid. Write down the amount each time and keep a running total. Normal is up to 3000 ccs a day. I was over 10,000 ccs a few days ago.

3. High dose B vitamin tablet and folate. Don't swallow it. Stick it in your cheek. It may tingle and feel like your cheek is grabbing it. It is: that is, if you are severely depleted of a vitamin or mineral, the body tries to absorb it as fast as possible. Faster through the mucosa of the mouth and anyhow, having your esophagus grab something feels really really bad. Remember when I used the epi pen? That was because I was having muscle spasms at my vocal cords. If they close down, I couldn't breathe.

4. Vitamin A -- boil kale or collards in water, or tuna fish. Again, hold against your inside cheek with tuna, small amount, to start with.
Vitamin E -- almonds, peanuts, avacodo
Vitamin D -- milk, salmon, tuna, sole, flounder
Vitamin K -- boil kale or collards or parsley in water. Drink the water.

5. Electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, silica, phosphorus, trace metals.
I like the NUNN tablets, one in a big glass of water, because they have no sugar. You can make your own electrolyte solution.

6. Trace amounts iodine -- iodized salt would be good.

7. Iron. Eat red meat.

8. Old or bad lungs will need oxygen.

9. Heart: the antibody reaction can act like adrenalin. Find a clock with a second hand. Measure your heart rate, which is the number of beats in 60 seconds. Normal is 60-100.
Measure your heartrate at rest.
Then measure it walking. If it jumps 20-30 points, that means strep is bugging your heart. You need to keep your heart rate down. You can do that by:
a. walking really really slowly
b. slow your breathing: breath in for a count of 4-8 and out for a count of 4-8
c. accept your emotions. cry if you need to, feel angry if you need to, feel happy, feel stupid, feel really enraged. Don't hurt anyone. Hit the couch or smash a glass if you need to.

10. Ketosis: As the glucose stores are used up you will go from carbohydrate metabolism to fat metabolism. This will frankly feel horrible, a bit like dying, until you switch over. You need to lie down, stay warm and expect it to feel like your life force is draining out. It can hurt, moving from area to area, heart and brain last. You are transforming into a vampire, remember? You have to let it happen. Best if you have someone with you. Rest.
As you switch, sounds will start being louder, light brighter, your extremities will go from cold and painful to being peculiarly weightless and feel rather bloodless. Be careful getting up at first as your blood pressure may drop. You may feel a bit euphoric. Your fast twitch muscles won't work worth shit, but you will be able to do slow twitch things with peculiar grace. Your skin will also be very smooth. Welcome to Twilight, baby, welcome.

11. Best if you eat only once or twice a day. High fat, some protein. Bacon, salami, butter, peanut butter, nuts, avacados, sounds a bit weird, right? Once or twice a day, because the protein does have some carbs and so you will switch back into glucose metabolism, ouch, feels like hell. When you have switched into ketosis, you may feel weird tightening of muscles that then release to more relaxed than they started out. This is either antibodies released from the muscle or strep bacteria dying or both. It did not hurt when I was in full ketosis but then some places started to hurt once I ate again.

The alternative is to fast with just fluids and the vitamins for 3-4 days and then start the diet.

Watch out for zombies and Good luck.

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