Tori Amos has always possessed the amazing ability to add her own unique interpretation to every song she covers. The list of songs Tori has covered over the years is a mile long. However she has truly outdone herself with the release of her latest album Strange Little Girls.

This is an album made up purely of covers. All twelve covers are songs written originally by men, mostly for or about women. Tori's desire for Strange Little Girls was to break down barriers between the sexes in the music industry, and with the quality of the album she may well succeed.

Tori has taken apart the original songs, weaving them skillfully back together, and singing from the other side of the fear, pain, and sorrow. There is a haunting ethereal presence throughout this album. And many are speaking over the small amount of criticism from the music industry, to say that this is Tori's best album yet.
Why don't you make up your own mind.