Why bless the beer? What did the beer actually do for you? (OK, don't answer that question...)

Seriously though...

Religious Jews make a blessing before eating any food (or to put it another way, the father of a female friend, a teenager at the time, once said "Make a Bracha (blessing) over everything that goes into your mouth"..........). However, the blessing is not for the food itself, but is actually blessing G-D for having created the food in the first place.

Some foods have specific blessings - for example, there is a specific one for wine, and another for bread. There's then a general "baked goods" blessing that covers biscuits, crackers etc and various other things. And there's separate blessings for fruit and vegetables.

And finally there's a generic blessing which is used for everything else. Translated into English it reads Blessed are You, O Lord, our G-D, King of the universe, through Whose word everything came to be.

So to my original point. This is the blessing a religious Jew would make to bless G-D before drinking beer.

The Custodian says Hamozti Lechem Min Ha'Aretz as beer is from grain. This blessing is the one for bread - literally "who brings forth bread from the ground". The blessing for other grain is "Borei Minei Mezonot". But as it's changed form, the one i mention (Shehakol) is the one for beer.

Ouroboros asks about beer on passover. Not gonna happen. It's been brewed using yeast, so can't be drunk at all on passover.