I work in a computer lab for a large state-funded university. While this is not specifically working directly for the U.S. of A. it is nevertheless work for the state with all of its benefits and pitfalls.
On the good side, my work is easy. At the beginning and end of the semester, when there's a lot of people in the labs, I may be busy doing administration-type stuff, but for most of the semester, I sit around playing video games in my office.

Work for the state is, in my opinion, epitomized by in and out mail trays. These trays usually sit next to each other, occasionally stacked vertically, on the edge of a government worker's desk. Everything a person does comes to their In box. They count their numbers, mark their stamp, sign their signiature, or whatever else it is that they do with the incoming papers, and then put it in their Out box. Government employees are paid because they may potentially have work to do.
It's frustrating because I know I'm contributing to the overinflated, inefficient, bureaucratic nature of government. But this job is sooo swishy!

Here's a thought: I am employed by the government. The government pays me. The government gets its money from taxes. I pay taxes.
Does that mean I'm self-employed?