Neurolinguistic programming (AKA NLP) is a hypnotic conversational technique used to elicit stronger and deeper connections with others. It can also be used to manipulate people.

The basics of NLP are:
1. Build rapport with the other person by copying the posture, blinking rate, breathing rate, and speech style. This will create an unconscious biofeedback linkage between them and you. You can then slightly control their pace by speeding up or slowing down. Try though to speak in tempo with their breathing -- but a monotone voice is not necessary.

2. Try to say things that are obvious and congruent with that they are thinking about. Say things that do not need real conscious thought to interpret. Try to understand how they see things and use that as a guide.

3. Use smooth transistions to guide the person where you want them to go. Make your speech to them connected and un abrasive. Over use words like "as" "while" "because" "then" and "like" to imply continuity where there isn't. This will lead them along.

4. You will learn to guide your technique by watching their responses. At first this will be hard but people look different when they are in a trance and it will be obvious when you screw up and they pop out.

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