There are four main types of friendship that someone can have. These four types are an acquaintance, a friend, a best friend, and a boyfriend/girlfriend. Throughout your life, you should encounter all of these types of friends, although some may be more numerous than others.

Acquaintance: This is the person that is known either through someone else, or through a project, but nothing more. They are they type of person that you may ask a question to once in a while, but you will not very often carry on a conversation with.

Friend: Unlike an acquaintance, a friend is someone who you can carry on a conversation with. A friend may be someone that started out as an acquaintance, and usually is. This is someone who likes you for who you are, and does not care what other people think about you. A friend is someone who will hang out with you, and likes your company.

Best Friend: A best friend is someone who used to be just a friend, but evolved to be more than than. They will stand by you no matter what you do, no matter how silly or stupid of a comment you may have just made. A best friend is someone who likes to spend time with you, and will wait around for you even though they have to be somewhere very soon. A best friend is someone that you can tell your innermost secrets to, and who you can trust to keep them secret. This is someone who can complete your sentences, and would be able to understand what you are saying, even if no one else understands.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: A boyfriend/girlfriend is someone who you are intimate with. Depending on your age, and sometimes not, this type of friendship could last anywhere from a week to many years to the rest of your lifetime (in the chance that you marry them). This is a person who you have gone out with, and who's personality you like very much. You will be bable to talk to them for a long time. There tend to be two different types of boyfriends, however. There is the type who truly likes you for who you are, and the type who pretends to like you just for sex. This categorization can also be used for girls, although most will be put into the category that like you for who you are. Unless you trust them A LOT, then you should probably not tell them your innermost secrets. A boyfriend/girlfriend (if they are someone you truly care about) should be someone that you used to be friends with, but preferably not best friends with, because of the problems that could arise if/when the two of you break up. Most of the time, the two of you would no longer be friends, and you would have lost someone you were previously able to trust. In addition, a best friend would know your innermost secrets, which you might not want your boyfriend/girlfriend to know from the start of your relationship. If they are someone who is just using you for sex, then they would most likely not have been friends with you before.

These are the four types of friendship that someone can have. If you think that there should be another on this list, /msg me.