Konka is the brand name of Konka Group Co., Ltd.

Konka is a Chinese producer of home electronics such as televisions, DVD Players, and Mobile Phones.

Konka's website claims they were the first "sino-foreign joint venture electronic enterprise in China" upon their establishment in 1979.

Konka is one of the largest industrial enterprises in China. In 1997, their color television turnover equated to $1 million USD. They operate under ISO9001 standards and, at the time of website publication, had 9000 persons on staff.

My personal experience with Konka is what lead me to do this writeup, as I won a 21" Konka television in April 2001 at a trade show. Although I cannot find a universal remote that will work with it and I occasionally have to toggle off of and back onto a channel to get initial color lock, it seems to be a good television.