The most awkward thing happened today. I know this girl, Suzanne, from camp, and she's one of the most annoying people I know. She doesn't mean to be annoying, she just has a knack for it. We both go to Oberlin now, so I have to spend a lot of effort avoiding her. Of course, she's really thick, so she doesn't understand that I just don't want to talk to her.

So today I was doing my CS homework when there was a knock on my door. My neighbor, Eric, is standing there with Suzanne. He asks, "Joel, are you avoiding Suzanne?" I say, "Yes," and begin closing the door. Suzanne bursts out laughing. Eric starts to say, "Now wait a minute, wait a minute," but I close the door, lock it, and continue doing my homework.

That was so awkward. I don't want to be an asshole but I couldn't deny the fact that I'm avoiding her. So I've spent the rest of the day thinking up things to say if she confronts me again and asks me why I'm avoiding her. Here's a little list I've got so far:

  1. "I have a social disease."
  2. "I have a deadly illness and you are the only one susceptible to getting it. It's for your own good."
  3. "I'm so madly in love with you that I can't stand being near you."
  4. "Go away."
  5. "You wouldn't understand. You can never know the darkness of MY SOUL!!!!"

Ehh... hopefully she'll have gotten the hint by now...