heart·warm·ing or heart-warm·ing
Pronunciation Key (härt´wôr'mîng)

  1. Causing gladness and pleasure.
  2. Eliciting sympathy and tender feelings: a heartwarming tale.

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

A common example of something heartwarming, you say? The heart is all too often been used as a metaphor for love, compassion, ambition, stupidity and deception. The heart is only what keeps a body alive, as the rest is entirely up to the brain of the body. So a simple tale would be to drink something hot, say tea of coffee, or perhaps a hot cup of chocolaty milk? Alas, the word heartwarming is not any of a physical state.< /p>

Allow your mind to dwell on this: You are standing outside a theatre, waiting for your best pals to arrive. It is raining, it is cold, and there's no ceiling to take cover under from the hard and wet rain. After fifteen minutes things start to look more of a disappointment, there is no sign of your friends. You don't have the tickets, and the ticket office is closed. Letting yourself acknowledge the fact that you have been dumped, you decide to walk home. There's a dark alley on the way of which have paid no mind, and big surprise! you get robbed. Left in the gutter poor and beaten, you see no bright future. But then a person spots you and walk up to you, giving you aid in this tense condition. Whatever the aid is, it is a good feeling you achieve inside, and it is not in the brain you feel it, but in the body, where the heart is the lifesource. It is truly heartwarming to achieve aid in a perilous moment. It might even be that you told you loved a person, and got the same response. It's a heavy load at first to ask, but then, a heartwarming feeling when the reply is positive.

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