Tron is also a way to throw a frisbee. While it is a relatively difficult throw to master, I have seen people with exceptionally good trons. A good tron can go almost as far as a forehand, almost as accurately. However, because of the large windup, tron is very easy to point-block, and it is also just inferior to a forehand in almost every way. It is thrown in games about as often as dookie. Tron is a very old(relatively speaking) frisbee throw. I've heard it was used along with the backhand in the very early days of Ultimate.

To throw tron, put your index finger along the outside of the rim, the rest of your fingers on top of the disc, and your thumb on the inside of the rim. The motion for tron is somewhat awkward and difficult to describe. Unlike other frisbee throws, keep your elbow straight. All of the motion will come from your shoulder. Face your target, and hold the disc slightly behind you. Now, keeping your elbow straight, swing your entire arm up and forward. Snap your wrist early and release. Early wrist snap and release is key to throwing tron. Waiting too long will result in the throw floating and moving slowly. The trick is to snap and release where the disc has the greatest forward momentum. You should probably release it slightly below and in front of your shoulder.