This was the year I think I finally had to come to terms with the fact that birthdays simply lose their luster. I want more from life and less superficially. I want to remember what I did and not what I received. I want to have a good time and not have to remind myself it’s my birthday. I wanted basically what happened this year.

I awoke to my 25th birthday in Ohio, staying at my cousin’s house a mere hour from Cedar Point and twenty minutes from Lake Geauga. I stayed there as a place of lodging with a few friends for our yearly Cedar Point multi-day vacation. We woke up around 10ish. I laughed at the alarm. Wynn rolled over and ignored it. Tim laughed… and then said the most shocking thing all day, “Happy Birthday”. It wasn’t the words but the timing: I didn’t realize it was my birthday. I was so engrossed in enjoying myself (both before and after this moment) that I never had to remind myself it was my birthday. It simply was. It simply evolved into an awesome day.

I’m not sure the point of birthdays but I’m certain if you get through it without bitching about “what a shitty birthday this is” then that had to be a good year.