plonk plonk and imago said it well, I will say it worse: why the hell do people only associate alcohol with abuse ?
In the original writeup, and in most of the ones that follow, I do not see anyone that says "I do not drink because to me alcohol tastes like crap". It is all "I do not drink so that I do not get drunk".

Now, people of the US (and of England and other countries ...), let me remind you that there is a fine line, nay, a fucking big football field between not drinking at all and being drunk (or a drunkard).
I tasted alcohol first ... I don't even remember, I must have been four, and it was wine. I did not like it, and at the time I did not like cabbage, spinach, mustard and a lot of other foods.
Later on, my food horizons expanded: and with them the alcohol came, and it made sense. I am still learning, though. Only recently I tried Sauterne and Tokay, two wines that would probably break Ryano's resolve.
Hardly a day passes that I do not drink a glass of wine (or beer), usually with meals. Nonetheless, in thirty years of life I have been drunk ... probably five times, of which two were mistakes, one was innocence, and the other two intentional.

Am I an alcoholic ? I don't think so. Do I think that people and institutions that make a big deal of the subject of drink are a bit funny ? Yes.
Of course, excepting personal tragedies like alcoholic families ...