Directed and written by Alain Corneau, this 1991 French movie is about music and love.

The story is about how the young Marin Marais goes to study music at Mounsieur de Saint Colombe's house. St. Colombe is a reclusive genius whose wife recently died: he refuses Lully's invitation to play at Luois XIV's court (where Lully held sway).
In the house live also St. Colombe's two beautiful and musically gifted daughters.

Visually the movie is not bad, but the great protagonist, even more important than Gérard Depardieu's Marais is the viola da gamba and its deep, resonant music.
This was the movie that got me interested in Early Baroque and Ancient Music.
The soundtrack is magistrally played by Hesperion XX, Jordi Savall's bande.