a brand of cameras.

The Minox product line ranges from compact 135 cameras, all of them with fine optics and unusual design ideas (most of them having to do with compactness) to subminiature "spy" cameras, using 8mm film and the size of a lighter.

The very small cameras use a peculiar 16mm lens, and due to film size and lens design have no need to focus, since the depth of field on such a small format makes for acceptable sharpness from infinity to less than one meter.

Minox also produces a line of enlargers and devoloping paraphernalia targetted to miniature film.
Occasionally Minox users will fall prone to arcane forms of boasting, such as saying "I had to work like a crazed weasel a whole week, and I had to use a developer made with exhausted uranium steeped in virgin camel urine, but the grain on this 16x20 enlargement is not worse than what you would have from a badly developed 135 negative".
No doubt, Minox use (outside of the world of spies) is its own reward.