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With regards to E2:

    Indispensable HTML reference on E2

  1. [E2 FAQ: Can I use HTML in my writeups?] Yes, but only some HTML tags listed here.
  2. [E2 HTML Tags] shows hows to use the tags.
  3. [E2 HTML] summarize the tags and link to individual tags writeups.
  4. [How to Format Poems and Simple HTML]
  5. [Ideas how to Everythingify HTML Tables] since "tables" tags and other special tags only works in [superdoc]s for the [gods] and not for us [normal] [users] on [E2]
  6. [E2 FAQ: Using Special HTML Characters]

    General HTML reference

  7. [Mark's HTML tutorial] but "a href" or "img" tags do not work on [E2]
  8. [HTML Colors], you can also search for other [HTML Color]s, but they do not also work on [E2]
  9. [HTML reference] starting of an HTML reference
  10. [common HTML attributes] and [HTML attributes]
  11. The fine points of [HTML indentation].
  12. HTML makes a lot more sense in the context of the [World Wide Web] (that is not the Internet).

    General Definitions

  13. [HTML]
  14. [HTML Editor]
  15. [HTML Entity] definition
  16. [HTML comments] definition and stories
  17. [HTML Ezines] definition
  18. [HTML Filtering] definition
  19. [HTML Specification] definition
  20. [HTML Tags] definition
  21. [.html] definition
  22. [Strict HTML] definition needs work

    Some Random Rants about HTML on E2

  23. [Everything doesn't deal with HTML character references] overcomed by [E2]
  24. [No more HTML tags in titles] filtered by [E2]
  25. [Solar System HTML Page] idea
  26. [A simple, generic, server-side HTML editor] idea
  27. [HTML Email] rant against it
  28. [Does HTML work in Everything?] Yes but
  29. [stupid html tricks] using superscripts tags
  30. [Everything won't accept my favorite HTML tags] about "blink" tags
  31. [HTML Masturbation] about "blink" tags again
  32. [So why isn't everything valid HTML?] that's not capital "e"
  33. [how did you first learn HTML?]
  34. [HTML atrocity]
  35. [04/27/00: HTML] Is the story really about "HTML"?
  36. [perfect HTML Form], humor and information in the same tasty package