EMF, a "punk" band formed in 1989 which disbanded in 1997. They released 4 main albums:
  • Schubert Dip
    The songs on this album bear little resemblance to their hit "Unbelievable". The album adds an element of "techno" with their heavy use of synths. Overall the songs are more or less poetic ramblings of love and angst towards women.
  • Unexplained EP
    A dark gritty 4-track punk album, signaling a coming change in the Band's sound to be heralded by...
  • Stigma
    By far their darkest album yet, gritty, yearning, with religious overtones. The album most likely left listeners of Schubert Dip slightly confused. I think the lyrics of track 6 speak to the over all tone of the album: "Hushed up, touched up, I see myself and all I've fucked up." If anything the album is a good listen when you're in an angry mood, similar to NIN's pretty hate machine.
  • Cha Cha Cha
    An interesting release years later after Stigma. The album combined a type of very upbeat Schubert Dip style with a little of Stimga's edge. The overall tone of the album seems like more of an experiment, just having fun in the studio. Definetly an album for EMF fans only, as it was never released in the US.
Over their history EMF combined the styles of punk/techno/pop into an interesting blend. If you like Jesus Jones, EMF is worth checking out.

Q: What are the two additions on the UK release of Schubert Dip (as opposed to the US release)?
A1: Track #5 "I Believe" contains dialog before the song to the effect: "Jesus Christ, Derry,... I'm going to smash the fucking plate. Derry watch your fucking type."
A2: After Track #10 "Longtime" ends, the track continues into "EMF Live At The Bilson" (which is also available on the EMF "Unbelievable" Single), containing such lyrics as "E Ecstasy, M Motherfucker Motherfucker, F From Us to You".