Up early, but not as early as it would have been if we were in the Presidio. Amelia was kind enough to stay asleep until we were ready to head out. I was feeling good, in part because of the can of Rock Star that I had ready in the fridge. Typical boring day of boring airline travel: curbside check-in and drop off Amelia and Ruth Anne; return the rental car, get through security. I took the airport shift, meaning that I chased Amelia around the terminal while Ruth Anne read her book. I knew that once we were on board Ruth Anne would end up with the lion's share of the work.

We were officially booked into window and middle seats, which would have been bad. The lady in the aisle seat was willing to trade, so we could be in aisle and middle seats. Through a miraculous stroke of luck, a whole row was available across the aisle and back one, so we had a whole row to ourselves, as did the nice lady in our original row.

The dinner was a tomato pasta dish, which was surprisingly tasty. The movie was Crocodile Hunter: The Movie, which wasn't too bad. Ruth Anne got Amelia to sleep during the movie, and she slept for something more than an hour. The rest of the time, Ruth Anne was mostly walking in the aisle or at one end or the other chatting with various flight attendants, all of whom were totally smitten with Amelia by the end of the flight.

Land, claim luggage, fetch the car, back to fetch Ruth Anne and Amelia, and home again after a quick stop at UDF for three different kinds of milk (whole for Amelia, 2% for Ruth Anne and skim for me).

Ruth Anne and I were exhausted by the time we got home, even though it was only 8:00 local time and only 5 PM San Francisco time. Amelia, however, was still firmly on Pacific time. After failing to get Amelia to sleep, I let Ruth Anne have a little nap, and Amelia and I went downstairs to play. For the most part, I sat and read a book (The Genius of Science by Abraham Pais) while Amelia played, as she only demanded my participation occasionally. I was in the rocking chair, and now and then she would come over and rock me. Quite sweet and advanced for a child only 17 months old.

By around 11 PM Amelia was willing to go to sleep, so I could too.