We're all in San Francisco and I'm not at work, so it must be time for visiting.

Upon awakening, we find that there's yet another visitor staying at Brewster's. Peter is in town for a miniature book convention, and I find out that Cincinnati is the headquarters of the Miniature Book Society.

First stop, Stanford to visit Joan. For lunch, we walked down to a pizza parlor which was rather large and yet almost empty. Amelia had great time with all the space to run around in. Next door we ran into Jaquie of Jaquie's Sew and Sew where there was much discussion of vintage costuming. Tragically, there was no coffee to be found in that particular strip mall, so after we got back to Joan's, I was sent off in the other direction to fetch one Cafe Latte and one Chai Tea. Not much else to relate, other than much comfortable conversation. Around 4:00 we went our separate ways, as Joan had a P10 party to attend.

Next stop, SFO to see Lindy. Well, not actually AT the airport, but she lives very close. Once we got there we realized that, had we been smart, we would have brought all of our stuff, spent the night, and taken the short drive to the airport. After some discussion, I left Ruth Anne and Lindy and went back to the Presidio to pack up our stuff and bring it back north. Dinner was a wonderful spread put together by Lindy, who says she never cooks. Sushi, cold salmon, hot carrots, fruit salad and ice cream. I inquired about ice cream topping, and she produces what I at first think is wine. As it turns out, at Trader Joe's they sell Grade B Maple Syrup in tall thin bottles like wine. Delicious doesn't even begin to describe it.

Amelia was at maximum cuteness at Lindy's place. As usual, she also made an utter shambles of the place. We didn't get her down till about 10:15, and we spent the rest of the evening putting things away.