Time for scheduled maintenance on Ruth Anne's Saturn (48,000 mile service), which means it's also time to get my hair cur. Supercuts is across the street form the Saturn dealer, so I always do both things at the same time. Today's haircut was free, because I had gotten eight marks on my frequent cutter card. The first was on January 2001, so I seem to average about three months between haircuts.

Shopping at Sam's Club and Biggs on the way home. This afternoon I made a batch of curry. It's a simple recipe that starts with lots of ginger, garlic and curry powder, adds potatoes, onions, chicken, and any vegetables that happen to be lying around, and ends with some S & B Curry Mix. Plus, somewhere in the middle, the secret ingredient : a great big sploosh of maple syrup.

I just finished reading The Infinity Gauntlet a graphic novel from Marvel Comics. Not something I would normally own, but when shopping at amazon.com for other graphic novels (e.g. Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again and Watchmen) it kept being recommended to me. I don't think I'd rate it as high as the others, but it's a good read. Perhaps it's just the Marvel Universe that doesn't do it for me.