Author: Edmund Spenser
Born: 1552?
Died: 1599
Nationality: English
Profession: Civil Servant, Writer
Pseudonym: Clout, Colin

Text: Sonnet 14

Then might I see upon a white horse set
The faithful man with flaming countenance,
His head did shine with crowns set thereupon.
The word of God made him a noble name.

His precious robe I saw embrewed with blood.
Then saw I from the heaven on horses white,
A puissant army come the self-same way.
Then cried a shining angel as me thought,

That birds from air descending down on earth,
Should war upon the kings, and eat their flesh.
Then did I see the beast and kings also
Joining their force to slay the faithful man.

But this fierce hateful beast and all her train,
Is pitiless thrown down in pit of fire.

King James Bible - Revelations 19:11 - 21