So, after getting the dependencies just right for reinstalling Ximian Gnome, it still doesn't work. I start it up and get a lot of PC speaker beeps and no widgets or panels. I have to control-alt-backspace to logout.

However, running the Ximian installer and installing new versions of stuff Ximian normally uses seems to have fixed my small fonts problem in KDE (notably in Mozilla and Gaim) and fixed the equalizer problems I was having with xmms. The CD player still doesn't work in KDE, though.

All this has made me exceptionally disappointed with Mandrake 8.2, and I never should've upgraded from 8.0, which had a perfectly working copy of everything. But no, I had to upgrade to 8.2 and fuck everything all up. This is standard fare for me, really, at least when it comes to upgrading Linux installations. I have never failed to fuck it up somehow when upgrading Mandrake, however. There's always been something that required hours of hunting down and fixing dependencies, or downgrading/upgrading individual packages. And let's not even get into the time I tried to upgrade to glibc-2.2, or go from RPM 3.0 to 4.0, or from gcc 2.95 to 2.96. If I didn't have so much stuff on this box, I'd just wipe it clean and install OpenBSD again.

In other news, my girlfriend is built almost exactly like Gwen Stefani, both of whom are dead sexy.