As noted above, the Space Needle looks like a flying saucer on stilts. Actually, several years after it was built a "lower level" was added about 1/3 of the way up, so it now looks like a flying saucer on stilts with knobby knees.

The cool thing about it is the view when driving towards town from the north on Aurora Avenue, Old Route 99. From about the Woodland Park Zoo south, the road is a long downslope, with the Space Needle peeking over Queen Anne Hill in the foreground.

As you move down the slope, the Needle seems to sink towards earth, finally making its landing behind the hill.

Thus far, the Seattle Center where the Needle is located has seen lots of people with green hair, but no little green men themselves. At least, not that anyone has told us.

The Space Needle is the site for spectacular New Year's fireworks and occasionally has interesting decorations, like a giant crab crawling over its top. It is known for Warren Beatty also crawling over its top in The Parallax View and for Elvis Presley singing under it.