I saw a man die today, I heard his scream for a split second as he was knocked down and under metered 16 mm film, without sound, like it mattered... He was dead and I stood there alive, I stood there and tried to dial 911 on my cellphone, I watched as a person called the ambulance from inside a house. It was sickening, his blood ran onto the street and made a glistening puddle on the pavement.

The ambulance came wailing and I watched the medics try and revive him, I listened as they became quiet and solem, he was dead, dead at the scene and I wondered if this man had a family or a wife at least, somebody who he was coming home to, but now these people wouldn't see his face anymore, he is no longer amongst the living, his soul and his last seconds caught on film.

Just before then I had come out of class after hitting it off with the cute punk girl, we had never really said a word but all of a sudden, we were partners in a project and it was like she was reading my thoughts and knew just what to say, the weirdest thing was: we were talking about car accidents. God I hope most people never have to see something like I saw, never have to see the gore and the blood or hear the paramedics go quiet and place the shrouded body into the back of the van and travel off after the corner has arrived. Seems like death and destruction are all around me right now.

Jeezus today was strange.