Santa Claus (aka Saint Nick, Sinter Klaas) of the Slavonic nations. Grandpa Frost is a translation of Ded Moroz.

Grandpa Frost appears on one of the Russian National Holidays - New Year, along with his granddaughter Snowgirl. He is the hero of Russian national folklore and Russian writers.


Santa Claus and Grandpa Frost are very similar. Both of them have red dresses, sacks with gifts and enter the houses through an oven pipe.

Santa Claus has a sledge, movable by deer and he lives in the North Pole. Grandpa Frost lives in the forests.


Usually, the Russians mark Christmas at the 7th of January by Gregorian Calendar, but for seventy years of Communist authority, when the Christmas was officially forbidden, Grandpa Frost was a New Year holiday hero.

But despite of it, Santa and Grandpa Frost bring presents to children at Christmas and New Year nights.

On this holiday, Russian adults and children celebrate with New Year tree, bells, presents, and of course Grandpa Frost. People believe that the miracle is a must on this day. New Year's celebrations receive widespread coverage by mass media.

On the New Year night people go to a dance, visit their friends or stay at home and watch TV. January 1 is now a national holiday, fortunately for those who like to celebrate most of the night.


Some other Russian National Holidays include Victory Day, Constitution Day, the Women's Day, and the day of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation.