The name of the theory doesn't make sense, but the content (most, but not all of it) does.

I just wanted to point out something you may not have thought of, and that's religion. In some religions celibacy (for life) is treated as something to be valued. In others it's quite the opposite. Christianity and Judaism are perfect examples of each case.

Now to link this with what you wrote, all the really talented people who were Christians were encouraged to join the church, and become priests, nuns, etc. Also in times past talented people were encouraged to become eunuchs if they wanted to rise in ranks.

The result of this is that Christianity is slowly breeding intelligence and talent out of humanity. Luckily it's not so common these days for really talented people to join the church (in the global population), but in small sections of it, Christians are slowly going to become more and more stupid over generations. Not a good idea.

I think there are some branches of Christianity that don't encourage celibacy, but I don't know too much about them. But they have the right idea.

Just to compare with Judaism, you can't become a Rabbi for the most part unless you are married. And once married contraception is forbidden. In addition the number one qualification that people look for in a partner is intelligence, and knowledge. The result is as expected, and easily explains the high percentage of Jews in scientific and other high technology fields. Just look at Israel's main export other then agriculture: Technology.

As a final note, a common mistake Americans make is career. Presumably it's the people with the most talent who try the hardest to rise in their career. In the process, many many people sacrifice having family and children, or at least have very few of them, this too is causing generations to become less and less intelligent.

And until people start recognizing that children are very very important, and that the more talented you are, the more of them you should have, it's just going to get worse.