Saddam Hussein has been captured. I just wanted to be the first to say it. He's been taken alive.

The Defense Department is not yet confirming the story, nor is the Ministry of Defence, but several news outlets are carrying the story.

I have been a vocal critic of the war in Iraq since its inception (hell, since before that, when it was just speculative). While I admit that Hussein was a degenerate tyrant, and that he needed to be removed from power, I never thought that anything productive would ever result from this war. Well, if this report is confirmed, I hereby retract everything to that effect that I've said in that past year, and even congratulate President George W. Bush and the United States Military for a job well-done.

Update, 17 December:  In the past few days I've gotten several messages from various users who I believe may have misinterpreted what I meant.  By "everything to that effect" I meant only that I retract all of my previous statements to the effect that the "war" action would not be able to yield any actual results.  I still do not believe that the cause was justified by its ends, simply that I was wrong about the futility of the exercise.