Day Two

Strattera, Day Three:

The heartburn is about as it was yesterday, not as bad as the first two days. Perhaps it's good that my doctor suggested I take some 40mg samples and take one a day for four days (today's the last day for that) and then actually go to my prescription of 80mg a day. I'm getting eased into it.

I think I'm noticing my memory slightly better. Like this morning: since my wife is pregnant with twins, she's "eating for three," as it were. So she has to have a mighty lunch. Since I usually pack the lunches in the morning, I had to remember not only her main course, but a tupperware of watermelon slices, one with grapes, a yogurt cup, several waters, and a spoon. I remembered all of them and it was quickly packed. No, "Shoot, I forgot..." or "Wait, did I remember everything?"

So that was quite a list of things. I don't usually remember such a list so well without it being written down without forgetting one or two things or taking an inordinate amount of time to think about it.

That's all I have to report today. Sorry it's another short one. Unfortunately I won't be able to report tomorrow, probably not even Sunday because of how my weekend looks.

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