There are other ways to get around various "you can't right-click here" browser traps:

  • in IE4.x and above on Windows platforms, you can drag the image out to your desktop and save it, or to one of the new file suckers like Net Vampire that accepts the URL links in this style;
  • you can get a look-ahead caching program to pull files from the site into a folder, or use the IE "offline reader" function to do the same;
  • you can also just look in your browser cache and find the files there.

Both of these alternatives are better than doing a screen capture, because that will be "lossy."

(update - an "image toolbar" was added as an option in IE 6.0, meaning that, if enabled, mousing over the upper left corner of pictures will generally give you a little pop up bar offering choices to save, print, etc. However, the drag technique mentioned previously is still better if you have many items on a screen.)