Born of idiocy and the poor ratings of Australia’s Channel 7, the POPSTARS project produced from its shameless loins one of the world’s first openly, self-confessed manufactured pop groups. The POPSTARS television show spanned the audition and selection process by ‘judges’ from Warner Music. Amongst apalling renditions of “My Heart Will Go On” and mid-drifts emerged a group of final five named Bardot (after Bridgette). And out they went into the world, proclaiming that despite their contrived nature “We’re all just in it FOR THE MUSIC…” What a proverbial can of worms this has opened. There’s some things that society just doesn’t want to hear; and one is that mainstream pop culture in the most is artificial. Just what were they thinking?

Note: Bardot was also the inspiration for my ‘We are all Popstars rejects’ sticker/t-shirt slogan.