Justification without spaces is fast vanishing in today's
world of "pretty" user interfaces and terms like fASCIIst
in common use.  This is only understandable; many believe
that only an Artificial Intelligence can be capable of as
prodigious a feat as this.  Use of hyphenated words marks
one as a novice (or a human pretending to be a computer);
it should be avoided at all cost.  Of course having every
paragraph's last line final at the margin isn't possible.

Natural justification is something that "just happens"; a
change of even a single word to make your words reach the
right margin is unthinkable in tight text.  "In extremis"
a phrase from a foreign language might be used; desperate
times require desperate means.  The reader, however, will
not be fooled by the use of impenetrable jargon and false
juggling of long words; it is clearly impossible for such
a thing to happen, except by an unimaginable coincidence!