Me and all my family were on holidays somewhere warm (Hawaii perhaps) and we went out for the day (it was very hot out). We were having problems with hotels or rooms or something, trying to get a good one with all that we wanted. At one point we had to set up a shower in the beach area behind the back of the building on the sand.

Later on on the way back home we stopped by in Penticton, BC to see Gord from We hung out at his place for a while and talked to him and some gamer geeks at his place. I helped him water his plants. His book that was updated (like the website) was a blue binder just sitting on a table in the backyard. Towards the end my girlfriend went somewhere, followed by the gamers to plant a plant, but she did it by doing a handstand or something gymnastic. Upon doing it they asked "Do you shave?" (I guess she hadn't done her armpits recently) and she launched into a discussion (with pictures!) of pubic shaving of herself and some friend. When we left the place I wandered by Chadl from work in his car and was offered a ride. I declined, saying we already had a ride with Mike (from my last job) and that's ok. As I walked a little further away I yelled back "but wait just in case!" I thought he heard me.

When we got to Mike's truck we realized that as a single small truck it was too small for all 4 of us (him, wife, my girlfriend and I) so I said that I'd just get a ride with Chadl and walked back. Of course by that time Chadl was gone, so I ran back to Mike's truck, which was gone as well. I was pretty pissed off because I hadn't been gone for too long and I had been watching for the truck to go by. As it wasn't that far to home (Penticton had somehow was at a location 20 minutes or so by the #1 to home) that I could walk.

The day was scorching hot and I was so hot and sweaty already that my arms had turned black. The looked almost burnt, and I licked a thumb to see if it was soot or something but it didn't come out, but it didn't hurt. A really good suntan perhaps? I took off my heavy leather jacket and started walking. I walked for a while in the sun, trying to take off my shirt and carry it and the jacket in a sane manner, but didn't succeed. Eventually I realized that walking was just going to suck too badly, and I should call someone to get them to turn around and pick me up. I called someone on my cell phone and I heard the phone on the other end start ringing, that was when I woke up to the phone in real life ringing.