(Sektion 201: Philosophische Untersuchungen von Ludwig Wittgenstein).

201. Our paradox was this: a rule cannot determine any course of action because every course of action can be brought into accord with the rule. The answer was: if everything can be brought into accord with the rule, then it can also be brought into conflict with it. And here it does not matter whether we have accord or conflict.

That there is a misunderstanding here can be shown by the fact that in this argument we gave interpretation after interpretation; as if each one quieted us for a moment, until we thought that another interpretation lay behind this. This shows us namely that there exists an understanding of a rule that is not an interpretation; but rather is shown in case to case of its use, in what we call "following a rule" and "acting against it".

Here there is an inclination to say: according to the rule every action is an interpretation. But "interpretation" should only refer to: replacing the expression of one rule with another.